Frank Hollmann (Mildred's paternal grandfather)


Frank married Sophia (1845-1929). Together they had seven children. They bought farms for their sons. Their children were: Martin, John, Frank, Paul, Wilhelm, Martha and Emilie. (sp?)

John Hollmann


John, eldest child of Frank and Sophie, married Dorothea (1874-1953), who became Mildred's sponsor. That's why Mildred took the middle name of Doris! John and Dorothea had a daughter that died young and a son named Edgar. They lived across Anthony Blvd. next to the Blekes and across from Ida and Paul.

Martin Hollmann


Martin married Lena (1878-1944). Together they had two sons, Bob and Harold, and one daughter, who died at age five when the wrappings for her sore throat caught fire.

Frank Hollmann


Frank married Flora (1885-1961). They had one son, Carl, and three daughters: Clara (died young), Esther (married a Peters and moved to California), and Irma (married a Shum (?) and currently lives in St Loius; mother of Anida (?)).

Paul Hollmann


Paul was the youngest son of Frank and Sophia, and so he inherited the home farm. He married Ida (1884-1958), and Mildred was their only child.

Paul and Sophia raised Mildred in the same house Frank and Sophia lived in, a duplex of sorts. In later life, Paul lived with Mildred and her husband Rudy for almost twelve years. He was 97 when he passed away.

Wilhelm Hollmann

(born 26 October, 1869; died 29 July 1895)

Wilhelm developed a tumor at age 25. The family doctor attempted to excise the tumor in an operation performed in the Hollmann farmhouse. Wilhelm did not survive the surgery.

Emilie E. Bleke (nee Hollmann)


'Melia, as she was known, married Martin C. Bleke (1883-1960) and bore three children: John (a red-headed candyman), Walter (a teacher in Frankenmuth) and Louella (married into the Daymeier (sp?) family and had four children of her own).

Martha Hormann (nee Hollmann)


Martha was Frank and Sophie's youngest child. She married Albert H. Hormann (1888-1956), who served in the first World War. They had no children of their own, but are remembered as a jovial couple. They were the only members of the family who lived in the city instead of out on a farm. Martha had a beauty shop in their home.

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